Poll Shows Nearly Three-Quarters of Registered Voters Surveyed Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

LINCOLN–(Nebraska Examiner Feb. 20)–A recent poll done by the Neilan Strategy Group showed that 70% of Nebraska’s registered voters were ready to have medical marijuana legalized.

Most of those voters who responded to the survey also want an alternative approved to property, sales and income taxes.

The latest polling numbers are reflecting one that was taken by Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana in 2022, where 80% of registered voters were in favor of legalization.  To qualify for the ballot, an initiative seeking a law change must gather the signatures of about 86,000 registered voters and get signers from at least 5% of voters from 38 of state’s 93 counties.

A spokesperson for Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana told the Nebraska Examiner on Monday their organization had gathered more than 32,000 signatures and believes it has already qualified in 24 counties, which is “much farther ahead” than in 2020 or 2022.