Safe Kids Offers New Resources to Help Prevent Youth Sports Injuries

Lincoln, NE (October 6, 2021)  Safe Kids of Lincoln-Lancaster County today announced the availability of new videos, coaches training and other information to help youth sports organizations and families lower the risk of injury to young athletes. The free resources are available at

About 30 million children participate annually in sports nationwide and an average of 3.5 million children receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year, according to Safe Kids. Many of these injuries are preventable.


“The popularity of youth sports requires us as a responsible community to ensure young athletes are as safe as possible,” Lopez said. “These new resources focus on preventing the leading causes of youth sports injuries – concussion, overuse injury and dehydration – and are a must-have for every member of our youth sports community.”

The purpose of this project is to provide youth sports organizations – both recreational and select/competitive – and families of youth athletes with best practice resources on reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. In addition to videos and tip sheets, the project features the Game Plan – Youth Sports Coaches Training, developed in collaboration with Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. The training covers a wide range of topics related to sport injuries and how to spot them and prevent them. Although the training is geared toward coaches, the safety information is also beneficial to parents and others.

Safe Kids partners with more than 70 organizations to help prevent childhood injuries through the work of the coalition. The coalition has six task forces that address priority injury areas, including sports injury prevention.