State Senator To Challenge Incumbent Congressman

Lincoln, NE (January 16, 2022)  State Senator Mike Flood from Norfolk announced Sunday that he is a candidate for Nebraska’s First District seat in Congress.  Flood will challenge nine term Republican Jeff Fortenberry in the upcoming Primary election.

Flood cited two reasons he wants to serve in Congress.  The first is opposition to President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are using the House of Representatives to ram through a radical Socialist agenda that will destroy the nation we love.”

He pointed to several current problems the nation faces.

“Growing Government, pouring more fuel on inflation, providing and imposing more mandates and, most notably, taking more control for themselves.  I’m running for Congress to fire Nancy Pelosi.”  He also criticized President Biden for recently issued mask mandates, illegal immigration, and national security.  “Enemies of the United States are being emboldened every day by the weakness they see in an inept President more concerned about military sensitivity training than military readiness.”

Flood also made it clear that he is joining the race because of fear that Fortenberry will lose the election to Democrat Patty Pansing-Brooks.

“If our Republican nominee is waging a battle against prosecutors in a courtroom out of state instead of campaigning here in the First District, this seat is in jeopardy.  If our nominee has to focus on beating felony criminal charges instead of defeating a serious Democrat opponent, we risk defeat in November.  Today, I am sad to say that Republicans are not on a path to victory here in our district.”

Flood served two terms in the Legislature, including six years as Speaker.  In 2012 he filed as a candidate for Governor but withdrew when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In 2020, he was elected to the legislature again, and currently is in the second year of that third term.