Storm Survey Says Tornado Moved Through Western Lancaster County on Wednesday

VALLEY–(KFOR Dec. 18)–A storm survey conducted by the National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley has determined that a tornado did move through western Lancaster County just west of Lincoln, when severe weather moved across eastern Nebraska on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the survey, the tornado was rated as an EF2 with an estimated peak wind of 118 mph and was 70 yards wide.  It originally touched down about three miles southeast of Dorchester in northern Saline County, where it overturned numerous irrigation pivots.

From there, the twister moved northeastward into southeastern Seward County, where it damaged trees and farm outbuildings as the storm moved just southeast of Pleasant Dale.  When the tornado crossed into western and northwestern areas of Lancaster County, it caused the most substantial damage along its 24 mile path.  The funnel tore off the top half of a 100-year-old barn and pulled the barn itself from its rebar attachment to the foundation.

Other outbuildings and grain bins were also damaged.  The tornado continued moving northeast and passed to the southeast of Pawnee Lake, damaging power poles and later trees before it crossed Highway 34 about three miles east of Malcolm before dissipating.  At no point did the tornado appear to enter Lincoln’s city limits.

No one was hurt in the storm.  Damage amounts have not been completed at this time.