(KFOR NEWS  June 25, 2019)  KFOR’s partner, 10/11 NOW is reporting a day after an outburst from the defendant in the Sydney Loofe murder trial, testimony continued Tuesday without Aubrey Trail in attendance.  Trail, who yelled “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all,” before cutting his own throat on Monday, was not present in court Tuesday morning.  On Monday, 10/11 NOW was told Trail cut himself with a what was possibly a piece of a razor blade and received multiple stitches.  Judge Vicky Johnson said Monday afternoon she expected Trail back in the courtroom Tuesday and he was to be handcuffed for “obvious reasons.”  However, he did not appear and no reason has been given for his absence.

The trial continued with witness testimony from investigators and a hotel clerk from Ames, Iowa, who reported a tip to authorities about Trail staying at the hotel.  The clerk, Jenny Bloom, worked at the Grandstay Hotel and Suites, and said Trail and his co-defendant, Bailey Boswell, stayed there for three nights.  She said the duo paid in cash, and took a photocopy of the $100 bill they used to pay, which stood out to her as odd.  She said she was on social media a few days after they checked in and saw a link her friend posted to a news story that named Trail and Boswell as persons of interest in the case of Sydney Loofe, who had been reported missing.  “I had no doubt those were the people I checked in on Sunday so I called and reported it,” she said on the stand.  Trail and Boswell didn’t return to the hotel, but the tip led to a search of the room.

FBI Agent Jackie Hann, who assisted in the search of the room, was called to the stand next. She said a duffel bag and a reusable grocery bag were left behind, and inside the duffel bag was a ball cap and at least four sex toys.  She added the television was left on in the room, and multiple maps were found in the Walmart bag.

Another FBI Special Agent, Mike Maseth, was called next, and discussed videos posted to Facebook by Trail and Boswell while authorities were searching for them.

After the second of two videos were posted to the social media site, the FBI was able to obtain a IP address, which connected them to a burner phone. The phone pinged in Branson, Missouri, and showed the phone had called the Windmill Inn in Branson.

This eventually led to their arrest on Nov. 30 at the hotel.

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