One member of the Waco Volunteer Fire Department remains in the hospital, recovering from injuries he received responding to a pile-up on I-80 Saturday afternoon.

The department said there were six members in the ambulance when it was struck by a semi. Two first responders were evaluated and did not receive treatment, while four were taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. Of those four, two were released Saturday night. WVFD said the other two were transferred to a trauma unit for treatment.

A statement to KFOR News media partner 10/11 Now from the Waco Volunteer Fire Department, reads, “The last volunteer is continuing to improve and we are all very hopeful and optimistic at this time…They have surgeries ahead of them and a long road to recovery, but things seem to be positive at this point.”

Another WVFD emergency responder had a successful surgery Sunday and is being released from the hospital sometime Monday.”We are very grateful that all our volunteers and family will return home to their loved ones. The fire service is one massive family and it has shown in the past two days. We are very grateful for all the prayers and comments.”

WVFD said it has been receiving messages from all over the country. “We are honored to be a part of the fire brother- and sisterhood…It will take time for the department to recover from this event.”

The Interstate was shut down from Grand Island to Gretna Saturday due to several crashes and blizzard conditions. “We continue to encourage people to stay off the roads when they are compromised like they were Saturday. Also to keep in mind those out there trying to keep them safe. No destination or semi load is worth a life.”