City Council Grants Exception, Allows Pig In Residential Area

Lincoln, NE (May 16, 2022) You’re not supposed to keep pigs in the city limits, but the City Council granted an exception today. Diana Baddorf, who lives in the 32-hundred block of East Summit Blvd, asked the council to allow her to keep her mini pig Lucy.  Baddorf served three overseas tours while in the military, one in Kosovo and two in Iraq, but developed PTSD. She told the council Lucy helps her cope with the symptoms.

“You cannot understand how much joy she brings to me.  My anxiety got better, my depression got better. ”

Baddorf and her husband, Ronald, moved to Lincoln in 2020 for his job with the Veterans Administration.

“I’m asking you, because you are my last hope, to please not take my Lucy away.  I have had her since she was four weeks old.  She doesn’t know anything else.  She’s potty trained.  She’s a joy to my life.”

City Attorney Yohancie Christie was asked whether allowing one exception would re-write the city code, and assured the Council that it would not.

“It’s just a specific request for a reasonable accommodation for this specific applicant, so there is no re-write of the code.  It doesn’t change how this law or any other law would apply to the City generally.”

Health Director Pat Lopez was asked whether there was a concern over health related matters, and said it appears this exception would not pose any.

“They’re asking for this as an emotional support animal, and as long as it’s this one instance in this one situation related to Miss Lucy only, and that the animal is kept at the residence, those are all things that are really critical to us.”

Councilwoman Sandra Washington said the Baddorfs were correct to come to the Council.

“I understand there were people that were concerned, but as a reasonable accomodation to the Fair Housing Act, this is what that act was supposed to do.  It was supposed to allow us some flexibility.”

Councilman Tom Beckius quipped “Lucy is one lucky pig.”

The Council voted unanimously to allow the pig to remain in the Baddorf home.