Lincoln Councilwoman and candidate for Mayor Cyndi Lamm said Tuesday that she wants to cut the City of Lincoln’s wheel tax by the end of her first term if elected.

“One of the biggest complaints I hear is that our wheel tax is too high and that citizens do not believe they are getting what they expect from the city in return,” said Lamm. “The wheel tax was supposed to be a temporary tax. Over the last twelve years alone, our wheel taxes have gone up 37%. This makes our wheel taxes the highest in the state.”

“In the current budget the wheel tax brings in around $19 million. Taxpayers expect that money to be dedicated to roads, but in recent years some of the money has been used for trails, sidewalks and traffic signals. Of the $19 million, only $3 million is used on residential roads. It is all a matter of priorities.”

Currently Lincoln residents pay $74.00 for passenger vehicles that carry nine people or less. Lamm’s goal would be to lower the rates across the board by nearly one-third. Under the plan, rates for automobiles would drop to $56.00. All other categories would be adjusted accordingly.

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