Court Documents Reveal New Information In Quadruple Homicide Case

LAUREL, Neb.–(WOWT Aug. 12)–There are new details regarding the Aug. 4 deaths of four people in the northeast Nebraska town of Laurel, believed to have been done by a 42-year-old man, who remains hospitalized.

According to Omaha TV station WOWT, court documents show that investigators found a backpack in the burning house where 53 year old, Michele Ebeling, was found shot twice. In that backpack were credit card receipts with the name of the suspect, 42-year-old Jason Jones, on them. One purchase was for $30 in gas. Another for a 6-gallon gas can.

A Molotov cocktail and a gun were found in a second burning house where 86 year old Gene and 85 year old Janet Twiford and their 55 year old daughter, Dana, were found. At least two of them had been shot. Investigators say the gun is registered to Jones, who remains in a Lincoln hospital with severe burns.

Investigators say they also have video surveillance of Jones allegedly pumping gas into two red gas cans the night before the murders.