Edgewood Shooting Victims Face Federal Drug Charges

Lincoln, NE (October 15, 2021) Two Lincoln teens injured in a shooting near Edgewood Theater in August are facing federal gun and drug charges. A third teen who was with them that night has also been indicted. Our media partner, 10-11 News is reporting that Nineteen-year-old Jayden Prentice, 18-year-old Christopher Duncan and 19-year-old Riley Mills are all charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and cocaine and illegal possession of firearms. The three were all together in a vehicle when they were shot at by two other teens. 17-year-olds Byongkhoy Wal and Xavier Gary are charged with shooting and wounding Prentice and Duncan.

Prentice and Duncan were both seriously injured, Mills wasn’t hurt in the shooting.

In a federal hearing last week, Brian Agnew, an LPD gang unit detective, testified that when they arrived at the shooting, they found Duncan on the ground with a pool of blood and a .45 caliber handgun. Agnew said they believed the gun belonged to the shooter.

According to testimony, Prentice was in the passenger seat of the car when he was shot. Near that seat, investigators found a pool of blood, marijuana and a handgun.

Agnew also said investigators found a large amount of money and a shell casing in the backseat where Mills had been sitting.

A trial date has been set for December 6.

17-year-old Wal was arrested for the shooting. He’s facing charges of first degree assault and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. 17-year-old Xavier Gary, who police allege was driving Wal at the time of the shooting, has also been charged as an accessory to the crime.

At this time neither Wal nor Gary are facing federal charges.