Governor Ricketts And Dr. Fauci “On The Same Page” Regarding State Response To COVID-19

Governor Pete Ricketts introduced some new language Monday in hopes of gaining even more cooperation for social distancing and fighting the corona virus.

“This is a slogan that we want to continue to get out there and promote: “Stay home, stay healthy, stay connected.”

Many critics around the country, including a group of 4 dozen doctors in Grand Island, have been critical of the governor for stopping short of a statewide stay at home order.

Governor Ricketts answered critics saying his directed health measures are just as effective as statewide stay at home orders, citing an OK from the nation’s top virus fighting doctor, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Today we were talking with – I was on a phone call with Dr. Fauci – who has been representing the administration and talking about the national efforts to combat the spread of Coronavirus here in our country. Governor Reynolds and I were both on the same phone call and he asked me to share that with our conversation we are on the same page with regard to Dr. Fauci, with regards to how the states of Nebraska and Iowa are working to limit the spread of Coronavirus here in our state.”

The Governor said everyone is being asked to limit social interactions and limit shopping, noting that many stores are now limiting the number of customers at a time and setting up one way traffic in aisles.

The entire state is now under a directed health measure limiting gatherings, closing schools and restaurants, prohibiting elective surgeries, and isolating at the first sign of flu like symptoms.




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