Judiciary Committee Members Hear Testimony on Bill To Allow Medical Marijuana

LINCOLN–(KFOR Feb. 9)–A hearing Thursday before the Nebraska Legislature’s judiciary committee is centered around a bill that would allow medical marijuana to people suffering from debilitating conditions, with some strict rules in place.

Lincoln Senator Anna Wishart is the sponsor of LB 588, which would have certain medical conditions that qualify to get cannabis inhalers containing medical marijuana. It couldn’t be smoked or vaped and doesn’t allow any home growing of cannabis.

Christa Eggers is one of the original organizers in getting medical marijuana legalized in Nebraska, since she’s been caring for her 8-year-old son, Colton, who has been suffering from uncontrolled seizures due to epilepsy, where 19 medications with side effects have not been able to do the job. If the bill doesn’t a make it out of committee or approved by Nebraska lawmakers, Eggers says they will start another petition drive to put it on a ballot in 2024.

Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon was one of the opponents to the bill that testfied Thursday. Condon referred back to testimony from several people who point out that no one has ever overdosed on marijuana, but he says he’s seen people who were so high and paranoid that they killed themselves, or were under influence and killed a motorist.

LB 588 would be safe and deeply regulated, according to Wishart. Right now, Nebraska is one of three states that haven’t legalized medical marijuana. The Judiciary Committee didn’t take any action on the bill following Thursday’s public hearing.