Lincoln Police Conduct Extra “O” Street Traffic Patrols

Lincoln, NE (October 13, 2021)  The tradition of drag racing along O Street on weekend nights is a long one, well known in Lincoln.  Non-participants complain regularly about unsafe driving, drinking, and generally rowdy behavior by those involved.

In an effort to help reduce traffic accidents and promote motor vehicle safety, the Lincoln Police  Department conducted one of its periodic high visibility traffic enforcement details on “O” Street between 17th and  98th Streets on July 14 through August 19, 2021.

The Nebraska Department Of Transportation-Office of Highway Safety provided  overtime funding for increased enforcement during the detail. 

Total Citations/Warnings/Arrests 165 

Speeding Citations: 32 

Speeding Warnings: 7 

Seatbelt Violations: 14 

Seatbelt Warnings: 11 

No Insurance Violations: 9 

No Insurance Warnings: 8 

No Valid Registration Violations: 17 

No Valid Registration Warnings: 11 

Unnecessary Noise Violations: 3 

Misc. Traffic Violations: 9 

Misc. Traffic Warnings: 38 

Driving Under Suspension: 1 

Narcotic citations 4 

Criminal Violations: 1 

Warrant Arrest 

Total Traffic Citizen Contacts: 98