LSO Speed Prevention Mobilization Results

(KFOR NEWS  August 22, 2022)  The ‘Speeding Prevention’ mobilization is a nationwide effort sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office.  The mobilization is geared towards reducing speed related fatalities.  The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office participated in the mobilization through saturation patrol by increasing the number of deputies working in marked cruisers. The additional deputies worked from July 22, 2022 through August 11, 2022 and focused their efforts on speed related traffic violations.

The deputies involved in the saturation patrol contacted 276 vehicles, issued 176 official citations, issued 169 warning/defect cards, arrested 3 people on outstanding warrants and made 5 criminal arrests.

Official citations included 113 speeding, 1 felony driving while intoxicated, 11 driving during suspension, 26 registration and insurance violations, 2 seatbelt violations, 6 stop sign violations, 2 fictitious license plate violations and 15 various traffic law violations.

The criminal arrests included 3 possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce citations and 2 possession of drug paraphernalia citations.

Overtime compensation for the additional deputies working during the mobilization was paid through a mini-grant funded by the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office.

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