Malone Community Center To Have Juneteenth Celebration on Saturday

LINCOLN–(KFOR June 16)–Sunday marks 157 years since the end of slavery, when slaves were freed upon word of the end of the Civil War. June 19, 1865 has been commemorated as Juneteenth in the African-American community to celebrate freedom.

On Saturday, the Malone Community Center here in Lincoln will have their annual Juneteenth celebration at Trago Park, 22nd and “U” Streets.

“It’s always that been celebrated,” said Christiana Vermelene, the Malone Center’s director of community health and outreach, in reference to Juneteenth.  “Each year, Malone has brought that into the community (Lincoln) and made it an even bigger celebration.”

Saturday’s Juneteenth celebration will get underway at 11am with a brief program, with the celebration to follow until 4pm.

“We have our opening remarks from our executive director John Goodwin, we will have a prayer, a hymn,” said Vermelene. “We will have some remarks from our mayor (Leirion Gaylor Baird) and from there, we will get into the celebration with music and entertainment.”

There will be plenty of food and entertainment for everyone at no cost, along with 40 organizations in Lincoln as vendors.  Vermelene says parking is a little tricky, with 22nd, “U” and “P” streets to be closed off for the event.

With the hot weather in the forecast, Vermelene suggests to wear sunscreen or other sun protection, bring extra water or anything that may be appropriate for you to keep cool.  She says the Trago Park Splash Pad will also be running to keep cool.

Seating will be provided and Vermelene says you can also bring a lawn chair for you to sit.