“O” Street Traffic Enforcement Project Results Released

Lincoln, NE (June 2, 2021) The Lincoln Police Department and the Nebraska State Patrol  conducted a traffic enforcement project along O Street during the Memorial Day Weekend. The objective was to conduct high visibility traffic enforcement along O  Street between 17th and 84th Streets to promote safe and responsible driving and reduce motor vehicle  accident.

The project was funded through a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety and resulted  in the following violations:  

Total Citations/Warnings/Arrests 191 

Official Speeding Citations 22 

Speeding Warnings 21 

Traffic Signal Citations 3 

Traffic Signal Warnings 4  

Seatbelt Citations 4 

Seatbelt Warnings 3 

No Insurance Citations 4 

No Insurance Warnings 3 

No Valid Registration Citations 26 

No Valid Registration Warnings 1 

Other Traffic Violation Citations 24 

Other Traffic Violation Warnings 51 

Suspended Drivers 3 

DUI Arrests 3 

Criminal Citations 4 

Narcotics Citations 14 

Warrant Arrests 7 

Lincoln Man Arrested For Threatening Neighbors