Christa Yoakum will be the newest member of the Lancaster County Board. She was named Tuesday by a special committee of county officials to replace Jennifer Brinkman, who became Chief of Staff for Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird.

Yoakum was nominated by County Treasurer Rachel Garver.  “I think she understands and gets what’s going on in the County and has a very good idea about serving the people and would do a very fine job” said Garver, adding “she’s already been out in the Community and knows a lot of people in that District.”

The vote was 2-1, with County Attorney Pat Condon casting the “No” vote.  He expressed disappointment with the process:  “Hopefully the County Board can remain a non-partisan Board as much as possible.”  He added “I think that’s what we all want, and the ability for the Board to do their job in the best of their ability.”

Yoakum will be sworn in and become a member of the County Board after her bond is approved.

The full list of applicants included: Jim Ballard, David Boeckner, James Herrold, Shane Jensen, Cristy Joy, Gregory Osborn, Larry Scherer, Tami Soper, Brodey Weber, Michael Wilson and Christa Yoakum.

Committee members who made the appointment were County Treasurer Rachel Garver, County Attorney Pat Condon and County Clerk Dan Nolte.

Additional information on the County Board vacancy is available on the County’s website at

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