(Lincoln, NE.  May 29, 2019) The Lincoln City Council is delaying its vote on a new council member by one week, until June 10th. Council chair Jayne Raybould announced the change Wednesday, saying more time is needed to review the larger-than-expected pool of applicants. Another name was added to the list Wednesday, due to an earlier omission, bringing the total to 24.  The new Council member to be elected will replace Leirion Gaylor Baird, was won the election for Mayor.

The applicants are:

  • Tom Beckius
  • Margaret Buck
  • Adam Downs
  • Aaron Farber
  • Marcy Ganow
  • Tyler Goodrich
  • Cathy Maestas Graham
  • Romeo Guerra
  • Leonard Hernoud II
  • Violet Spader Kirk
  • Megan Mikolajczyk
  • Genelle Moore
  • Rick Peo
  • Steve Reichenbach
  • Michael E. Reinmiller
  • Stacie Sinclair
  • Megan Stock
  • Sandra Washington
  • Jeffrey Wienke
  • Kenneth Winston
  • Holly Woolsey
  • Chris Zabel
  • Aurang Zeb
  • Isabel Salas

Council members will review the applications and select qualified finalists, who may be interviewed individually.  On the newly scheduled date, Monday, June 10, the City Council will vote on the new at-large City Council representative.  If none of the nominated finalists receives four yes votes, the vote will be rescheduled for a future date.

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